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I run a very small charity that you have read about from my blog.  It’s the first project of the Family, Mother, Child Charity, called New2Need. I help people in Tarrant County who find themselves in some kind of trouble.

I wrote blogs in here about some of the people I have helped. I wrote about the charity. I wrote a little about the financial difficulties people are facing everywhere. I wanted people in need to find me so I can give them some help, although there is less of that than there used to be, before the Great Recession.

I also would have liked donations for my little charity. Even though I mainly just give people advice, I also have done more. I won’t go into that because I don’t have the means to do more very often and it makes me sad that I can’t do more.

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New2Need assisting people in Tarrant County

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Image via Wikipedia, a small charity in Tarrant County, has helped people in that area during their times of need. Here are some of these people’s stories.

A woman, 50 years old, had a car accident which totaled her car. She was in the hospital for a month including rehabilitation.  She is divorced and living in a mobile home.  She needed transportation to the hospital and a ramp to get down from the mobile home in her wheel chair.  She also needed help with her utilities.  We suggested two agencies that build ramps, people who could take her to the hospital and one place for help with her utilities.  We spoke to her four months later. She has a new car and is able to get around without her wheel chair, walker or cane.

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New2Need Charity helps people in Tarrant County

new2need logo, a small charity in Tarrant County, has helped people in that area during their times of need. Here are some of these people’s stories.

A woman and her 11-year-old daughter lived in an apartment complex. Section 8 paid rent, but she was responsible for the electricity. The woman suffered from major depression and agoraphobia. She recently had hernia, gall bladder and appendix surgery.  She received under $200 a month from TANF and her ex-husband was in jail and could not pay child support. She was unable to pay her electric bill for a few months and she needed over $1000 to turn it back on. Winter had come on. She had called 14 agencies, public, private and churches without anyone being able to help. New2Need’s phone number was given to her as a last resort. The charity put out an email to the charity’s networks and was able to get her the money she needed to have her electricity turned back on. One of the agencies this family worked with was the Tarrant County Housing Partnership at

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How New2Need Helps

People in lineNew2Need is a telephone helpline designed to provide assistance to those in need in Tarrant County, Texas. There are many government agencies and charitable organizations available to the public, but navigating through the system can seem next to impossible.

Certain agencies, for example may not be able to assist a person if the person does not complete the proper forms. Setting an appointment with one agency may be useless if a person has not visited another one first.

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