Battle of the Buldge

I have been a little overweight most of my adult life. OK, so now I am a little more than a little overweight. But my schnauzer is, too. Like that’s an excuse? I have been trying to get both of us to eat a little less. I bought him healthy weight food from two different dog food companies. He actually gained weight on the first one. He doesn’t like the second one so much so maybe it will work for him.

The problem is that my min-pin is not overweight, but she has been stuck with the healthy weight food. It hasn’t hurt her until I changed brands last week. She won’t eat unless I sit with her and practically put each piece in her mouth. At least, I only have to do that with about half of what she will eat. She finally decides that she might as well eat out of the bowl and eats some all by herself.

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Schnauzers, Anyone?




Mad puppy with a t-shirt on.mpg


2 of our schnauzers playing…


Doug Oliver, 2.19.13 , 1 minute 29 sec.


Today I want to share four articles I googled about schnauzers. There is some great information and stories here; and if you are a schnauzer lover, you will have a cornucopia of thoughts. Now I can’t promise that everything you read from this list is the truth; but I can promise that if you have a comment, I will get around to reading it and will respond. The only thing I ask is that you be kind. Also if you have favorite YouTube schnauzer videos, please share. Enjoy.


Lovely | I Love Schnauzers




What a lovely day for a walk. We had a lovely walk today. Yesterday’s walk was lovely too. Not because it was a warm, sunny day, because it wasn’t. It was cloudy and cloud and rainy and miserable. Which meant we had the


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The bone of contention

miniature schnauzer puppy
Image by Odalaigh via Flickr

Do you see the schnauzer puppy?  Do you think he is cute?

He is really a bone of contention.  One of my dogs, a 15-lb. mostly Min Pin, has two views on him.  The first is that when he gets too close to me, he is a usurper who needs to be put in his place.  The second  is that he is her adorable little brother that she plays with and protects.

What this means for me is that I am a bit in the middle.  In fact I have been bitten for being in the middle.  When she is mad at him and goes for his gullet with her teeth, I have stopped her with my left arm.  I have two small black and blues from that.

When she decides that one of my other dogs is going to hurt her adorable little brother, she attacks the other dog.  Did you know that dogs hold on and do not let go?  Did you know that getting between a 15-lb mighty mite and a 35-lb normally laid back but now angry bitch will result in pain to the person who gets between them?  I have a royal bruise on my left arm and wrist and a nice claw scab on my left ankle from protecting my big dog from my smaller dog while the bone of contention looked on squealing in horror.

My lower arm swelled up and required ice and aspirin.  It’s now purple around my wrist front and back.  I wonder what Cesar Millan would say.  I decided that I was absolutely no good at potty training or even having dogs.  I may have dreamed that I was the leader of the pack after watching hours of the Dog Whisperer, but . . . .

So I gave up.  I turned it all over to God and told him I was getting out of the way.  But when mighty mite went after the old dog because the puppy was harrassing the old dog, there I came swinging a giant basket full of stuff to get between them.  I’m sure that looked unusual, but you can’t bite someone if there is a giant basket full of stuff between the two of you.

Right now the bone of contention is lying by my computer chair, all innocence.

Do you see the puppy?  Do you think he’s cute?  Guess again.

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Cuddling Happens

Do you see the schnauzer puppy?  Do you think he is cute?

The puppy’s mommy has been real sick so I have been taking more care of him than usual.  We’ve even been sleeping together in my bed.  What happened to the crate?  I couldn’t stand it.  It went back outside.

Anyway since the puppy has slept with me for a few days we have started to reach an understanding.  No, he still moves the dog-doo and I still get french-kissed with doo-doo breath.  I also still need to figure out how to clean the floor.

Last night as I lay upon the couch watching TV, the puppy asked to climb up.  The min-pin was lying on the top of the couch like a cat.  The puppy must have been tired from tearing up his “mail” and his other feats of magic. (Right now he is pulling an empty book bag from the bedroom into the office.) So he got in my arms and I started to stroke him gently; and, low and behold, he fell asleep in my arms like a baby.

How can I be mad at such a sweetie?

See the puppy? Do you think he’s cute? I do.

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