Which image do you like better for a Facebook post?

Guess What?

I have discovered the easiest way to design engaging images for my social media posts in under 30 seconds (give or take a few) These can be used on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platforms. It’s from Buffer and the URL is all you need. You do your creating on this site:  https://bufferapp.com/pablo?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pablo-launch#.

The Process

I found a quote in Goodreads from my favorite wordsmith Mark Twain and created two different designs and I am going to test them on my Facebook site, but I thought I would share them here.


So which one do you like better?





lightening bug

What do you think? Please help me decide.

Learning Linkedin

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Linkedin logo

I have doing things with social media managing for about six months now and the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. This field is going to be one that will be dominated by experts, in fact it already is.

There are experts at SEO and ROI, experts on mobile commerce, marketing, email marketing, blogging, QR codes, word-of-mouth marketing, B2B, B2C, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin (they use the little i), WordPress, and on and on and on.

I am not an expert in anything. I just know a little about some things because I have researched for other people on them. Right now my interest is in Linkedin.

I am interested in it because of a part of a webinar I heard from Lewis Howes on how to use Linkedin. I didn’t get the whole webinar, but I got this point. Businesses looking for other businesses or people need to develop a strong presence on Linkedin.

So while I can’t attend Lewis’ full seminar, I can buy his book and so can you. Here is the book from Amazon.com:

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Hello. Are you out there? Are you reading this? Please get back with me.

Ivory Towers
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This  is an off-the-cuff blog from a person who is tired of living in an ivory tower.


It’s off-the-cuff since I am actually writing it on Word Press as opposed to writing it elsewhere and adding it.

I am the person who feels like I am living in a ivory tower because I don’t know if any one is reading my work.

I have statistics that say that a few people look at the column every day, but I am not getting any feedback. One attempt I made was to add a facebook “like” button at the bottom of each post, but I don’t know if any one is making use of it.

I don’t know exactly how to look for comments, but mostly what I see on my dashboard comments section are pingbacks, concerning where my blog appeared in the places I have asked that it go. I also see that my Alexa numbers for both this blog and my charity website are dropping. These are good signs that the blog and website are healthy.

Only I wish for more. I want dialog, conversations, remarks good or bad. I want to make a difference. And if I am, I want to know that I am.

I have written about all sorts of different things from body language and personal anecdotes  to a serious study of poverty spells. I have written about brain entrainment, potty training and backyard wildlife habitats.

The only dialog I have had was over the body language blog about George Washington’s rules. That was a rather silly discussion, but at least it was a discussion.

Hello. Are you out there? Are you reading this? Please get back with me.

Blogging books from Amazon.com include:

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George Washington’s Rules for Proper Body Language

Cover of "Rules of Civility & Decent Beha...

Cover via Amazon

When George Washington was but sixteen years old, he passed out his 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, based on something written by French Jesuits in 1595.

I looked them over after a friend mentioned them on FaceBook and was surprised to see how many of them discussed voluntary face and body language instructions. I found them on this web site: at www.foundationsmag.com’pvcivility.html.

Here are a few of George’s suggestions that are mentioned in today’s body language literature. I will use the numbering that George did, but I will update the spelling and occasionally the wording.

  • 2nd When in company, don’t put your hands on any part of your body that is usually covered with clothing. Think Michael Jackson here.
  • 4th In the presence of others don’t sing to yourself, hum or drum with your fingers or feet.
  • 5th If you cough, sneeze, sigh or yawn, don’t do it loudly, but privately. Don’t speak while you are yawning.
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Writing your blog

drawing of girl at deskWriting a blog is something that is either simple or a giant pain. If you love to write as much as I do, it will be simple for you. Just write about what you know or do some research and write about something you learn. Some people even hire writers to write their blogs.

The worst thing about blogging is that the articles get sent to the bottom when the next one comes up. I am a forward sequential thinker and this makes me nuts. I had a lot of articles already written so I sometimes put them in the order I wanted instead of backward. The reason I bring this up is so that you can put the articles in from simple to more complex because that is how they will be seen on other social networks.

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