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I seem to have sparked something of a debate by saying that you are likely to get more clicks with a great headline and mediocre content than with a dull headline and great content. Many people rightly mentioned that if the content were mediocre, people might be enticed to look with a great headline once; but they wouldn’t be fooled twice. Others said that it took both to get repeat readers.

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Learning Linkedin

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I have doing things with social media managing for about six months now and the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. This field is going to be one that will be dominated by experts, in fact it already is.

There are experts at SEO and ROI, experts on mobile commerce, marketing, email marketing, blogging, QR codes, word-of-mouth marketing, B2B, B2C, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin (they use the little i), WordPress, and on and on and on.

I am not an expert in anything. I just know a little about some things because I have researched for other people on them. Right now my interest is in Linkedin.

I am interested in it because of a part of a webinar I heard from Lewis Howes on how to use Linkedin. I didn’t get the whole webinar, but I got this point. Businesses looking for other businesses or people need to develop a strong presence on Linkedin.

So while I can’t attend Lewis’ full seminar, I can buy his book and so can you. Here is the book from

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Pesticides-read the instructions


Storing pesticides safely

How much do you know about pesticides? Whatever you think you know, you need to know more.

Pesticide is an all-encompassing word that includes any substance or mixture intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, mitigating pests or regulating plants. Pesticides include insecticides for killing bugs, fungicides for killing fungi, herbicides for killing weeds, rodenticides for killing rats and nemacides for killing nematodes. Pesticides also include defoliants.

Pesticides are the least understood and most controversial chemicals in use in society. In the last 10 years scientists have been able to increase their ability to determine how much of anything is present anywhere up to one part per trillion. That’s like one square inch of earth compared to the area available by going around the world 600 times. Everything is thoroughly watched.

With the safe use of pesticides the United States have the most productive farms with the safest supply of food in the world. More people are killed each year riding bikes, skiing and by home appliances than by pesticides.

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What is an IFW? A Site? A Network?

go greenI have been working with Net Income Solutions (NIS) for the past year and here are some things I have learned about this process.

IFW stands for Incentivized Freebie Website. This is a term used for different types of websites that offer incentives (usually cash or free prizes) to users in return for their participating in advertisers’ offers. Here are two websites you might find more information on: and

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Liar, Liar

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We need to be able to tell if a person is lying to us so we don’t get conned or become the victims of fraud. You can learn much by watching a person and noticing what they do.

I love the Carfax commercials where the client asks to be shown the Carfax and the sales person tries to beat around the bush. That’s called deflection. It is a form of avoiding the question without an out and out lie. It usually means the person is lying. Another kind of person will give too much information in attempt to be believed. You see that in the Carfax ads as well.

A website you might want to look at is Understanding body language.

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