Some of the articles I wrote for clients

Some of the articles I wrote for clientsAs you know by now, I have left the marketing agency nest I have been cradled in for the past four years. I am doing my own business–  When I struck out on my own, I asked some of my former clients if I could use articles that I wrote for them as a ghostwriter.

So here are certain articles I wrote about business blogs and social media:

Best Business Blogs Advice Using 9 Instructive Infographics

Speech-to-Text: A Different Way to Create the Best Business Blogs

Local Inbound Marketing Strategy: Go Fishing for More Clients 

Another Keyword Article about Google Hummingbird and SEO Part 2

Another Keyword Article about Google Hummingbird and SEO Part 1 

Inbound Marketing Tip: Content Curation—What Exactly Is It?

I also was a ghost writer for a HVAC consultant, a chiropractor, a dentist and a senior in-home care facility. Within the last four years I also wrote for a realtor and an ophthalmologist.

Here are just some of the more technical writing I did for an ISO Certification agency:

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Versatile Blogger Award

I was kindly given the Versatile Blogger Award from Suerae Cobb Stein.

Thank you, Suerae!

Suerae was a previous recipient of this award and through this I learned some fascinating things about her. She is a busy wife and mother with a business on the side where she takes plain photographs and turns them into art. She is also a first rate blogger and photographer. To top all that off Suerae volunteers for an organization that helps people who have had loved ones go missing. She is a softy who not only cries at movies and commercials but she once tried to help an injured frog. I know that everyone who knows Suerae loves her.

Thank you, Suerae for giving this reward to me. I am humbled.

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In This Corner—Great Content

English: Logo of Headlines Today

Headlines Today logo

I seem to have sparked something of a debate by saying that you are likely to get more clicks with a great headline and mediocre content than with a dull headline and great content. Many people rightly mentioned that if the content were mediocre, people might be enticed to look with a great headline once; but they wouldn’t be fooled twice. Others said that it took both to get repeat readers.

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Writing your blog

drawing of girl at deskWriting a blog is something that is either simple or a giant pain. If you love to write as much as I do, it will be simple for you. Just write about what you know or do some research and write about something you learn. Some people even hire writers to write their blogs.

The worst thing about blogging is that the articles get sent to the bottom when the next one comes up. I am a forward sequential thinker and this makes me nuts. I had a lot of articles already written so I sometimes put them in the order I wanted instead of backward. The reason I bring this up is so that you can put the articles in from simple to more complex because that is how they will be seen on other social networks.

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