Backyard Wildlife Habitat–More on Nest Boxes

Typical bird nest box

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I’ve been thinking about bird houses, excuse me, nest boxes. I even saw some for sale on the Net.

Let’s look at what Scott Edwards says about building a nest box in “Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard Habitat.”  I also have some helpful hints from Don and Lillian Stokes.

No paint needed

The nest box should be undecorated. Certain paints and stains might be toxic to the birds. The wood should be untreated as well.

Scott has a list of nest box dimensions for different kinds of birds that includes the mounting height, the house height, the entrance hole size, the distance from the hole to the floor and the floor size. Oh gosh, now I’m intimidated.

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Backyard Wildlife Habitat–Some Shocking Suggestions

Birds are the last surviving dinosaurs.

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It’s the dead of winter for us. Your plants have either dropped leaves, are hibernating or are at least shivering. Why would you want to start thinking about reshaping your yard now?

Actually, this is the best time to plant certain trees and shrubs. And it is as good a time as any to think through how you would like your yard to become a backyard wilderness habitat.

We have been studying Scott Edward’s book, Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard Habitat, published by T.F.H. Publications, Inc. There are also sites on the Net about birding that might interest you. In this article I am going to make some shocking suggestions. Wait for it.

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Backyard Habitats–Plants for Ponds and Water Gardens

Pontederia cordata L.

Pontederia cordata

Are you interested in having a wildlife habitat in your back yard next spring? The time to think about doing that is now in the wintertime. One of the main needs of your backyard visitors is the need for water.

We have talked in other articles about ponds in-ground and above-ground and about water gardens. Now we need to add the plants Here are some of the successful plants for your water garden. Some you can leave in the water garden all winter and others are spring and summer only types.

Here is a list of easy to find and grow water plants.

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Hello. Are you out there? Are you reading this? Please get back with me.

Ivory Towers
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This  is an off-the-cuff blog from a person who is tired of living in an ivory tower.


It’s off-the-cuff since I am actually writing it on Word Press as opposed to writing it elsewhere and adding it.

I am the person who feels like I am living in a ivory tower because I don’t know if any one is reading my work.

I have statistics that say that a few people look at the column every day, but I am not getting any feedback. One attempt I made was to add a facebook “like” button at the bottom of each post, but I don’t know if any one is making use of it.

I don’t know exactly how to look for comments, but mostly what I see on my dashboard comments section are pingbacks, concerning where my blog appeared in the places I have asked that it go. I also see that my Alexa numbers for both this blog and my charity website are dropping. These are good signs that the blog and website are healthy.

Only I wish for more. I want dialog, conversations, remarks good or bad. I want to make a difference. And if I am, I want to know that I am.

I have written about all sorts of different things from body language and personal anecdotes  to a serious study of poverty spells. I have written about brain entrainment, potty training and backyard wildlife habitats.

The only dialog I have had was over the body language blog about George Washington’s rules. That was a rather silly discussion, but at least it was a discussion.

Hello. Are you out there? Are you reading this? Please get back with me.

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