About the Writer

ghost writer, blogger, social mediaWelcome to Media-Ann-Such, my wonderful Website where you are apt to find just about “annie” thing from this writer.

In my late 50’s that I finally asked myself “Self, what do you want to be when you grow up?” – now, in my 60’s, I get people more business by being their voice.

As the independent business owner of Media-Ann-Such.com, here is what I can do for you:

  • Research and write creative content for you as a ghostwriter
  • Create posting of articles with art on your website
  • Use social media to broadcast articles
  • Monitor the success of your  articles


writer, writing, ghostwriting, article writing, communicationsI have been a “paid writer” for the last 20-something years since I began writing for a newspaper in South Texas in the early 1990s. At the same time I had eight articles published in national magazines.

During one time of my life, I was writing three columns in our bi-weekly newspaper, completing college and helping raise three high-spirited children. I graduated Summa Cum Laude at Texas A&M University-Kingsville with a dual major in English and Communications at age 44. When the children had all grown up, I looked for another way to use my education.

After taking online classes to become a Social Media Manager, I began as a Virtual Assistant for BroadVision Marketing in January 2011. From 2011 to 2014, I went from being the Virtual Social Media Manager to the Content Marketer.  I love the creative side of inbound marketing. Researching, creating gripping text and coming up with engaging images for the various media are my passion.

writing, writer, ghostwriting, article writerThe skills I brought to our clients:

  • A knack for seeking out story ideas, writing original content, and
    putting a fresh spin on pieces
  • Strong overall communication skills and editorial experience
  • An understanding of general marketing principles
  • Experience incorporating on-page SEO elements into online copy
  • Strong grammar skills
  • Social media manager

Some of the businesses I wrote for included an ISO 9001 certification agency, in-home care agency, realtor, dentist, optometrist, HVAC contractor, chiropractor, inbound marketing agency, and a wood company. I also wrote about mesothelioma, kitchen supply equipment, a restaurant, and a tourist bureau.

A new chapter in my life

writer, article writer, ghostwriterAfter working for Jaco Grobbelaar of BroadVision Marketing for four years, I am striking out on my own with Media-Ann-Such.com as a writer of the ghost and article persuasion and as a social media marketer.

I love dealing with change with the freedom to experiment and take significant risks while thriving on interruptions that bring diversity and provide brainstorming opportunities. In the past five years I have learned much about social media, researching and writing creative content for various clients as a ghost/article writer.


And I also got this, too.
writing bootcamp certificate of completion